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Warranty and Returns

We value our customers and, adhering to our principle “enjoyment of the purchase until the last moment of use”, offer you the following conditions for the return and exchange of our products.

Customer is always entitled to refuse ordered proper quality product without explaining the reasons at any time before order execution or in 7 (seven) days after getting the product not including the day of purchase. You just need to inform us about your desire to return the product and send it back. We will refund your money in 3 days.

In addition, we are so confident in the quality of our products that we give a lifetime warranty for all the products manufactured under MiniWarPaint brand. What does it mean?

It means that no matter how many time past after purchase, two days or two years, if you open packaging and find hidden product flaws, we will exchange it with a new proper quality one or refund your money.

Before sending back proper quality product make sure that:

Also, please consider that in some cases the warranty will not be valid or will be limited:
Lifetime warranty does not apply consumables that were in operation. Consumables are various kinds of materials, which are spent when using them. In case you find flaws in them before using them, we will gladly exchange them, but after starting using them their life time only depends on using conditions. These materials include paintbrushes, molds and other instruments and materials which wear out in use.

 In addition to the cases listed above, the warranty may be refused if the fact of improper storage or operation of the products is established.