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  • Date: 30.07.2020 в 13:17
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Latest information about international delivery

We publish the latest information (end of July 2020) on the approximate delivery time of your orders, taking into account the restrictions on COVID-19, which will help you make a decision on ordering our products. The current situation with the delivery of your orders now looks like this:

Regular systematic shipments are carried out to the USA, Europe, Great Britain, China, CIS countries.
The delivery time of a parcel to the USA is about 3-4 weeks (Air delivery by several air routes 1-2 flights per week.)
Europe on average 2-3 weeks (Delivery is carried out by land transport, except for Germany and Great Britain. To Germany and Great Britain, the delivery time for orders is 1-2 weeks, since there are 2 flights a week)
China: 2 weeks (6 flights per week)
Hong Kong: 2 weeks (3-4 flights per week)

Delivery to Canada, countries of Asia and the Middle East is carried out with extended terms.
Canada: 3-4 weeks (no direct flight, air delivery via Europe)
Japan: 3-4 weeks (no direct flight, air delivery via Europe)
Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia order delivery time 5-7 weeks (2 flights per month)
UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, Jordan, Sudan, India: delivery time 5-6 weeks (2 flights per month)

Australia and New Zealand: no air communication, approximate delivery times not known. Russian Post is negotiating with several air carriers to resume flights
Latin America, Africa and Oceania: No postage. Negotiations are underway to renew
Kuwait, Libya, Peru, Tunisia, Brazil, Maldives, Ecuador, Mauritania, South Africa, Honduras, Samoa, Chad, Bolivia, Malawi, Togo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Turkmenistan, Suriname are closed for receiving and sending mail.

We are working for you, waiting for your orders. Take care of yourself.

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1 Margot Crombeecke • 14:50, 06.08.2020
Thanks for the information