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  • Date: 11.09.2020 в 10:45
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Well, hot news to you from the fields. We've launched a new line of brushes. Meet: LINERS!
Developed for lining (drawing long thin lines), working in recesses, drawing small details, working with washes. And also for those who thought Regular brushes were short.
They differ from Regular ones in that their smear is 60% longer. In the smear, the same Kolinsky is mainly used as in Regular. Let's start with 4 brushes of the most popular sizes and add more numbers if needed. The color of the ruler is yellow-orange and the regularity remains the same - the lower the brush number, the lighter the color.
Here are some quotes from several artists testing pre-production brushes:
"A thin long brush - excellent. And in terms of the set of paint and accuracy, I was very pleased - straight hair to hair. For small details - what you need." Sergey Osipov, "NEVERAGAIN Scale Models Workshop"
"Lineers in series, they are perfect" Artem Romanov
"The liners are good, everyone came to me, though the only thing is that they are not quite liners, but rather they are basic brushes. It is precisely in the recesses to smear, and generally to cross, is convenient, and, by the way, not too long. . " Fyodor "Galahad" Kochnev
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