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  • Date: 23.02.2022 в 22:10
  • Category: News

New brush series: DryBrush Soft

The brushes is designed to work in the techniques of stippling (creating a pattern that imitates various degrees of density or shading using small dots) and a dry brush. Due to the peculiarities of the bristles, in the technique of stippling, it is uniquely good. Ease of control in making points, density and uniformity of points. No other brush will do this.

In the drybrush technique, it is not a competitor to the beaver brushes of the DryBrush Base series, but perfectly complements them. If beaver brushes are the main tool for rougher work with highly textured surfaces (bases made using sand, tank tracks, brushed wood or wood bark, corrugated surfaces), then DryBrush Soft brushes, due to their less resilience, giving a softer stroke and a smaller point, are much more delicate tool for creating textures of fabric, aged metal and the like. They come into play when a much more subtle and delicate effect is needed.

The brushstroke is very recognizable, you have seen such brushes in many brands, but ours are different from them. And not only a comfortable handle with a characteristic color marking, and not only a lower price. And, first of all, the fact that we do not use pure goat hair, but a mixture of goat and synthetics, which slightly increases the elasticity of the brush and increases the resource (although not to the level of beaver hair, nothing can compare with them in terms of service life).

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