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  • Date: 24.04.2020 в 10:44
  • Category: News

New: Reed

We did not announce any new products for a long time, but this does not mean that we were playing the fool. And in the coming weeks you will find a wave of new products, some of which will be unique. And we will reveal the topic of coastal water and coastal flora.

And our first novelty is reed.

Common reeds grow up to a height of 5 m and form extensive thickets along the banks and deltas of rivers in countries with warm and temperate climates. Often found in forest and forest-steppe regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Widely distributed in Ukraine in large and small reservoirs. A moisture-loving plant, grows along the banks of reservoirs, often at a considerable depth - up to one and a half meters, is found in swamps and flood meadows, in the vicinity of groundwater in forests and on salt marshes.

Sugarcane (belongs to another class of plants) comes from the southwestern part of the Pacific region. It is found in the wild in eastern and northern Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Taiwan and Malaysia and New Guinea.

It is executed in the sizes M (1 / 30-1 / 35) and S (1 / 48-1 / 56). Larger plants did not fit on the board, but this does not mean that M cannot be used for large scales. In nature, there are smaller plants. Extremely easy to assemble. The size of the boards is traditionally A7 (7x10cm).

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