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  • Date: 11.09.2020 в 10:42
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Oak branches

And today we have a board that has become one of the most difficult to develop. It was supposed to be also the most difficult to dismantle, but I would not say that. Although it will require a certain perseverance and skills in soldering to get the most fluffy and thick branches.
Oak (Latin Quércus) is a genus of trees and shrubs of the Beech family
The natural habitat of oak is the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The southern boundary of the distribution is the tropical highlands; several species are found south of the equator. Different types of oak are common in temperate and warm countries; in hot countries - in the mountains. In South America, with the exception of its northern tip, there is none; they are also not in Australia; in Africa only in countries near the Mediterranean. In Central Europe, there are up to 20 species. In Russia, only one species is significantly widespread - English oak
Two boards were used for this tree and in the future I will add a couple more there. Boards in size A7 (10x7cm) are already available for ordering in the store.
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