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  • Date: 03.05.2021 в 14:26
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Soviet concrete sectional fence PO-2

Fence PO-2, aka "fence with diamonds" or "checkered fence" is considered the most replicated architectural project in Russia. Every person living in our country has seen such a fence more than once, but not many are interested in the history of the creation of a laconic object.

Its creator was the Soviet architect Boris Lachman and this fence became his most famous work. The first sample was presented in Moscow in 1974. For the design of the fence, Lachman received a bronze medal of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in 1974 and an award of 50 rubles. According to Lachman himself, the fence was his only completed project in the USSR.

Initially, the fence was designed to increase the safety of industrial facilities. It was produced in factories that create concrete elements. As conceived, the structure was a concrete frame with a concrete panel reinforced with reinforced wire in the form of a mesh.

On April 8, 1997, by order of the Moscow government, concrete fences were banned, and they were replaced by metal nets. Although today a checkered fence can be found almost at every step, in general, its prevalence has seriously decreased.

This fence is made of resin in sizes M (1 / 30-1 / 35) and S (1 / 56-1 / 48). The set includes 3 fence canvases and 4 bases.
Implementation in XS size for 1/72 scale in the nearest future

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