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  • Date: 09.08.2020 в 12:26
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Willow tree branches

We planned to announce this photo-etching plate two months ago, but we did not get to build the plant. And it’s not simple. Removing from the plate requires a lot of experience, skill and patience. With them we will finish the line of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants and open the line of tree branches.

Willow (Latin Sálix) is a genus of woody plants of the Willow family.
Distributed mainly in the Northern Hemisphere in areas with a temperate climate. Plants very common in central Russia. Most willow species love moisture and settle in damp places, while in dry places (on slopes, sands, etc.) and in swamps, relatively few species grow. Willow is also found in forests, as an admixture to other trees.
The appearance of willows is very diverse: among them there are tall trees and shrubs, sometimes rather small, squat, creeping along the ground; in the polar countries and on high mountains, in upland areas, even smaller dwarf willows grow, very small shrubs, not higher than 2.5 centimeters, and not exceeding the mosses, among which they grow.

The set, as I said, requires patience, since trying to place as many branches on the board as possible, we got the maximum number of supports. Released only in size M (1 / 35-1 / 30, but can be used on adjacent scales as the leaf dimension of willow varies greatly from region and plant species) and is unlikely to develop on other scales. The plate is traditionally sized A7 (7x10cm). The board contains branches with a length of 3.5 and 7 cm, but they can easily be cut into shorter sections and just as easily spliced ​​together by soldering to obtain branching and density. 2 boards went to the tree in the photo and, most likely, I will add 1-2 more boards later.

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