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  • Date: 11.05.2020 в 23:41
  • Category: News

Yellow Water Lily

Well, and what kind of pond without a yellow water lily?!

The plant is distributed throughout Eurasia. It is found only on the plains. In Russia, it grows throughout the European part, in the Caucasus, in Siberia. It lives in rivers with slowly flowing water, along the shores of lakes, in backwaters. Usually at a depth of 0.5-1m.

They are made in sizes M (1 / 30-1 / 35) and L (1 / 20-1 / 16). It’s almost impossible to assemble smaller ones. For assembling flowers, the dots tool is desirable (to shape the petals). The assembly is not the most difficult but requires accuracy and skills developed after several plants. Adhesive assembly may be preferred for this plant.

It is traditionally supplied on plates of size A7 (7x10cm). One board is enough for the design of several ponds. The wire for the stems is not included (0.3-0.5 mm recommended)

This set is unique. None of the manufacturers have made anything like this. If the subtlety of the assembly work does not scare and there is demand, the line of flowers will be replenished with many plants. We have the understanding what plants to make and how.

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