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  • Date: 15.08.2020 в 20:33
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There will be few letters, mostly pictures.

0. Preparing the snag for painting. We clean out all the debris with a metal brush, everything that can fall off during the painting process. If the wood is soft, then additional brushing will occur, which will enhance the texture. After cleaning, it is advisable to wash it with a PVA solution, so that afterwards nothing has definitely fallen off.

1. On top of the black soil, I blow a Gobi Brown from Scale75. I do not blow completely, but towards the bottom with an ever thinner layer in order to preserve at least some shadows.

2. With a flat brush, gently drybrush with Citadel Dheneb Stone. The purpose of this stage is to sharply show the texture of the tree. Those who do not know how to drybrush correctly are looking for Shamuilov's articles on this topic in our guides.

3. Apply a medium tone with a mixture of Vallejo London Gray and Beige Brown.

4. Apply the shadow with a mixture of Vallejo Leather Brown and Heavy Charcoal.

5. Deepen the shadows with a mixture of black and Vallejo German Cam.Black Brown.

6. Highlight Citadel Dheneb Stone.

7. Make the greenery with thinner Vallejo Dark Green ink.

All mixtures were made exclusively offhand, all colors were taken simply because I have them. You can use other colors in different proportions. The main thing is to prepare the reference and not to be afraid of contrast ...
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