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  • Date: 13.08.2020 в 14:40
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What does it cost us to build a tree?

There is an opinion that every man should build a house, raise a son and plant a tree. But for modelers in general, and for me in particular, everything in life goes through the ass, so now I will show you how to build trees ...

After the announcement of the willow branches, many were interested in the resulting tree. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, and now I will show you how to do this. The easiest way, of course, is to make the base of the tree from wood. However, finding suitable branches can be extremely difficult. The main ambush is to find in nature a dramatically curved, highly branched branch, and even preferably with a pronounced texture.

And then I remember the national hero Stirlitz, who, when the exits were blocked, left through the entrance. Forget about the branches - take the roots. They imitate tree branches perfectly. But I recommend stocking up on the trunk with just branches. The main thing is to have a good texture (less drawing and sculpting will have to be done). Especially lucky if your or any of your friend’s ficus dies. The perfect option (in my case, this is the trunk of Benjamin's ficus, deeply loved by my wife and me, and some extremely rare species of it, I still can't find anything like it), but if you're not lucky, don't despair. In one of my projects, I sculpted pieces of bark on a driftwood from two-component plastic. It's really not difficult at all.

And so: from the roots (we either pre-stock them in the summer, or we already have them stabilized in blisters) we make branches and collect them with the trunk on pins and epoxy. The pins will allow you to pre-assemble everything, try on and evaluate, twist the branches, picking up the ideal option, and the epoxy will give an ideal connection in strength and will not unstick over time.

Next, we prepare the branches. Remove the branches of the selected tree from the frames. For all types of branches, we have both large fragments of branches and small branches with small leaves. This will allow building branches as from a constructor (I prefer to build with soldering), to get the most different and dense branches. I prefer to remove details from frames with a surgical scalpel. This is one of the sharpest tools I know and makes the job a lot easier. As soon as the tip breaks off, or the blade begins to dull, the blade changes to a new one.

Someone here will ask why we didn't immediately make ready-made branches on the board. The answer is extremely simple - this way 2-3 large branches would fit on the board. We deliberately used straight branches on the board and positioned them to make the most of the board space and give you the maximum number of branches from the board, even though this led to a lot of support.

Well, then everything is already quite simple. We paint the barrel. We paint the branches separately. It is easier to lay them out on a napkin while they are flat, blow out with an airbrush and select the trunk with a brush. We will diversify the branches, bending the leaves and twigs with tweezers at different angles, and finally collect everything.

That's all. It took me about eight hours to build this tree (not counting the time spent picking branches from the frames).

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