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Cleaner for brushes Severina, 80ml
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Cleaner for brushes Severina, 80ml

Арт: S-084
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Brand Severina
Function Cleaning
Cleaner for brushes out off acrylic, gel and monomers Severina, 80ml
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  • A tool for cleaning brushes will be required painters who use acrylic paints in their work. This is due to the special properties of art material: after drying, acrylic hardens and deforms the pile. Severina Russian Brush Cleaner will make sure that all of the painter's working tools remain functional for a long time. A bottle of 80 ml is suitable for cleaning small brushes. Carrying out the cleaning procedure, dip the brush into the liquid and hold until the paint dissolves. It is important to ensure that the hairs do not deform from contact with the bottom of the can. The processed tool should be wiped dry and stored. It does not contain acetone.

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