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Cleaner for brushes Severina, 500ml
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Cleaner for brushes Severina, 500ml

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Cleaner for brushes out off acrylic, gel and monomers Severina, 500ml
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  • A brush is a working tool of a painter. In the arsenal of a miniaturist there are several dozen different brushes that need care due to the use of acrylic paints. Since acrylic hardens quickly enough and is difficult to clean, very soon the brushes become unusable - the hairs are puffed, the tip loses its shape and becomes frizzy. So that the dried paint between the villi does not interfere with further work, it must be removed with a cleaning liquid. Brush Cleaner of the Russian company Severina copes well with the task, without having the unpleasant odor of acetone. After work, dip the brushes briefly into the liquid and wait until they are completely dissolved, dry the tool and put it in storage. The 500 ml bottle is designed for use with a separate container for washing brushes.

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