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Tussilago, size M
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Tussilago, size M

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Brand MiniWarPaint
Function Creating
Series Urban
Material Brass
Size M
Scale 1/35 (43mm) , 1/32 (54mm) , 1/48 (32mm) , 1/30 (60mm)
Photo etched set
Description Reviews
  • Modeling vegetation is perhaps the most difficult moment in reconstructing a miniature copy of the world, therefore plant parts from photo-etching are in demand for work at any scale. Tussilago is a fairly common plant, that’s because its leaves can be used in most dioramas and for decorating stands. Photo-etched repeats the texture completely - a thin ragged edge and veins. Sheet size M is suitable for scales 43, 54 and 60 mm. On one plate, 9 elements of different sizes are placed, which can be used both individually and for modeling the whole plant outlet, since all the details differ in size.

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