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Cleaner for brushes Severina, 100ml
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Cleaner for brushes Severina, 100ml

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Brand Severina
Function Cleaning
Cleaner for brushes out off acrylic, gel and monomers Severina, 100ml
Description Reviews
  • Severina liquid for cleaning brushes will help take care of the safety of brushes after painting with acrylic paints. A 100 ml Brush Cleaner bottle is suitable for use with piece painting or creating small projects, as well as for the care of medium-sized brushes. When washing the tool after work, it is important to ensure that all hairs are freed from acrylic residues and there are no kinks when the pile comes into contact with the bottom of the can. The advantages of this chemical fluid are the absence of acetone in the composition and a careful attitude to the glued base. Subject to storage conditions, it will last a long time.

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