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Burdock, size M

Burdock, size M

Арт: S-007
€ 4.60
Brand MiniWarPaint
Function Creating
Series Nature
Material Brass
Size M
Scale 1/35 (43mm) , 1/32 (54mm) , 1/48 (32mm) , 1/30 (60mm) , 1/24 (75mm)
Photo etched set
Description Reviews
  • Natural elements - this is one of the most popular areas in photoetching. Imitation of vegetation in modelism involves quite complicated and painstaking work, but photo etching allows you to maintain detail and significantly improves the quality of the design of models, supports and dioramas. Brass plates with a set of leaves of size M burdock are 18 highly detailed accessories that are useful for any type of landscape decoration in the themes of Europe and America. This set is used on the most common scales of 32, 43, 54 and 60 mm and is suitable for game and stand models. When working, it is recommended to separate the elements from the sheet just before they are placed so as not to lose such small pieces of metal.

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