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Soap for Brushes, 20gr

Soap for Brushes, 20gr

Арт: S-109
Expected Date Received 7 august
€ 4.30
Brand MiniWarPaint
Soap for Brushes, 20gr
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  • Looking for an alternative to harmful brush washing chemicals? Want a natural and effective tool that will wash the hair smear "to squeak"? Try our natural brush soap!

    Our soap is characterized by increased foaming and is economical to use. Unlike industrial household products, it does not leave hard-to-wash film on the brush.

    The soap does not contain animal products.

    Ingredients: saponified coconut oil, spring water.

    Volume 20ml.

    Our soap is 100% handmade. This is a real natural soap, cooked from scratch. We carefully control the entire process of its manufacture - from beginning to end. You can be sure that it does not contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, surfactants, stabilizers, parabens and sulfates. We do not use a ready-made industrial synthetic soap base and do not use chemical hardeners in soap, therefore it is advisable to keep our soap in a soap dish with air access, preventing it from getting wet. After use, the soap should be well dried. If you do not plan to use it right now, then store it in a dark, cool and dry place. With proper long-term storage, the properties of natural soap improve every day.

    Allergenicity: The likelihood of an allergy is extremely low, since we do not use anything but saponified coconut oil in the composition, but nevertheless, individual intolerance to the components is not excluded.

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