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Tussilago, size S

Tussilago, size S

Арт: S-004
€ 6.10
Brand MiniWarPaint
Function Creating
Series Nature
Material Brass
Size S
Scale 1/72 (20mm) , 1/48 (32mm) , 1/56 (28mm)
Photo etched set
Description Reviews
  • Tussilago is a fairly common midland plant, the leaves of which look very impressive when used as a decorative component in modeling. Photo-etching allows you to convey the natural beauty of green leaves, while maintaining the torn structure of the edge and veins for better decoration of coasters, landscape and individual models. All this can be seen even on a set of size S, intended for use on a scale of 28, 32 and 43 mm, especially in demand among wargamers and car makers. The assortment of large, medium and small elements is dispersed over the brass sheet, and because of their microscopic size, it is recommended to use them very carefully - before separating the part, take care of the cleanliness of the workplace so as not to lose it during installation. Preliminary excavation and storage in special containers is possible, preferably using tweezers.

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