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Abrafoam P500 Flat Pad Fine

Abrafoam P500 Flat Pad Fine

Арт: T2275.0500.6
€ 1.40
Abrafoam Flat Pad Fine one sided,115x140x5mm., P500
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  • Single-sided abrasive sponge SIA Flat Pad Fine made in Switzerland is used for manual “dry” primer and putty polishing, polishing for transition. It has a flexible foam base, which can be used in hard-to-reach places. Unlike sandpaper, a sponge can be folded without warping its abrasive layer. This prevents possible uneven polishing and surface damage. The special surface structure does not clog the abrasive and removes polishing waste through a porous soft base, which ensures a high removal rate. The foam base of the Sia sponge guarantees optimum pressure and uniform surface finish.
    • Perfect finish due to the distributed pressure of the soft polyurethane foam base
    • Perfect adaptation to the shape of the part
    • Used for dry and wet polishing
    • High durability and, as a result, high service life
    Grain: P500 aluminium oxide
    Base: EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate)
    Sponge Structure: Closed Type
    Binder Resin: Flexible

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