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Water lily, size L

Water lily, size L

Арт: S-105
€ 6.10
Brand MiniWarPaint
Function Creating
Series Nature
Material Brass
Size L
Scale 1/30 (60mm) , 1/24 (75mm) , 1/20 (90mm) , 1/16 (120mm)
photoetched plate
Description Reviews
  • Water lily or Nymphaeum is a genus of aquatic plants that includes about 70 species of which 7 are found in Russia. Well-known plant with large floating on the water, heart-oval or heart-shaped rounded leaves and large, as if floating on the water flowers. Distributed everywhere except deserts and highlands.

    On the board, flowers and leaves are in a ratio of about 1 flower to 2 leaves, and one board is enough to design several ponds. For the assembly of flowers, the use of copper or brass wire with a diameter of 0.4-0.5 mm is recommended (not included).

    The assembly is relatively uncomplicated. Push the petals with a “dots” or similar tool (a blunt stack, a ballpoint pen with a thick tip) on an elastic mat, giving them the shape of a boat. Tin the central rings of petal outlets and the wire. The wire should not have large plumes and drips of solder, the layer should be thin so that it easily passes into the hole. make a small loop at the end of the wire, it will serve as a stopper. Outlets of petals are strung on a wire, in the manner of a children's pyramid toy from the smallest and ending with the largest outlet. We turn the outlets around its axis so that the petals of the next layer are between the petals of the previous one, and we solder it. The soldering iron tip should be very sharp, and the solder on it should be quite a bit. Perhaps assembling on a super-glue with a thin tip will be even easier than assembling for soldering.

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