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Bedouin youth
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Bedouin youth

Арт: A-004
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Brand MiniWarPaint
Function Collect
Series Make love not var
Material Resin
Scale 1/35 (43mm) , 1/32 (54mm) , 1/30 (60mm)
Resin kit for assembling and painting
Description Reviews
  • The figure of a Bedouin boy with a one-humped camel - a dromedary. The set consists of 7 parts cast from polyurethane resin and a metal reins.

    The Bedouins are the common name given by Europeans to all the tribes and nationalities of Arabia, which, unlike the inhabitants of cities engaged in tillage and trade (Hadesi), lead a nomadic life, regardless of their ethnicity or religious affiliation.

    Scale 1/30. Sculptor Stepan Nikolaev, Boxart Sergey Papkov

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