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Column type 1 size XS

Column type 1 size XS

Арт: S-190
€ 8.00
Brand MiniWarPaint
Function Creating
Series Urban
Material Resin
Size XS
Scale 1/87 (16,5mm) , 1/72 (20mm)
Column of Ionic order, polyurethane resin set
Description Reviews
  • Column of the Ionic order. It is one of three ancient Greek architectural orders. One of the earliest monuments of Ionian style architecture is the grandiose Temple of Artemis at Ephesus (Asia Minor; c. 560 BC)

    The column of the Ionic order is divided into three parts: base, trunk and capital. The base itself often rested on a square slab - plinth. A characteristic feature of the Ionic order is the capital (the upper part of the column), which is complemented by two symmetrically located curls - volutes. The trunk is usually cut with 24 or 48 vertical grooves - flutes. We have simplified slightly and reduced the number of flutes to 18 for the sake of the column's appearance.

    Polyurethane resin set. Supplied unassembled and unpainted

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