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Skeleton, size M (1/35)

Skeleton, size M (1/35)

Арт: S-207
€ 12.10
Brand MiniWarPaint
Function Collect
Series Fantasy
Material Resin
Scale 1/35 (43mm)
polyurethane resin set of ??? parts
Description Reviews
  • Does your dungeon or torture room need skeletons? Does the hero need enemies? Necromancer's minions? Do you need unique characters for the Skeleton Army? Do you need bone scattering for a diorama or base?
    This kit will help you with this and will allow you to assemble the skeleton in any conceivable position. Detail and anatomical detail are as detailed as possible for a given scale.
    The set consists of 15 parts made of polyurethane resin. For assembly, a drill with a 0.6mm drill is recommended, a 0.5mm wire for pins and arms growing from where necessary.

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