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Roubloff brush series 1Т14 №1 mongoose imitation round

Roubloff brush series 1Т14 №1 mongoose imitation round

Арт: ЖТ1-01,04Б
€ 2.00
Brand Roubloff
Bristles material Synthetic (Mongoose imitation)
Size № 1
Shape of belly Round
Color of handle Motley
Belly length (мм) 8мм
Belly size(mm) 1mm
Round synthetic (Mongoose imitation) brush Roubloff size 1, short wooden motley handle, Silver (chrome plated brass)
Description Reviews
  • Round brush with short length-out from synthetic mongoose imitation is more durable than squirrel hair and, at the same time, more flexible than bristle. This quality allows you to paint with watercolor, ink, gouache, and acrylic. Chrome plated brass ferrule securely fixes fibres with short glossy handle preserving the shape without hair loss. Cone-shaped brush head holds a needle-sharp point and lets you paint continuous fine lines and broad thick strokes. The brush is perfect for smooth one-tone painting such as water gradients, sketches of people and buildings by putting paint spots

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