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Roubloff brush series 1S25 №4 kolinsky imitation flat

Roubloff brush series 1S25 №4 kolinsky imitation flat

Арт: ЖS2-04,05Ж
€ 1.80
Brand Roubloff
Bristles material Synthetic (Kolinsky imitation)
Size № 4
Shape of belly Flat
Color of handle Black
Belly length (мм) 8мм
Belly size(mm) 4mm
Flat Synthetic (Kolinsky imitation) brush Roubloff size 4, short wooden black handle, Gold (anodized aluminum)
Description Reviews
  • Flat brush from synthetic kolinsky imitation gives most of the qualities of kolinsky at an affordable price. Anodized aluminum ferrule securely fixes quality synthetic firbes with matt black short handle. It can create broad accurate stokes with the flat side or thin lines with its fine chisel edge. Brush head type is designed for architecture painting and depicting of transport vehicles

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