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Infeсted Marine
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Infeсted Marine

Арт: MB-005
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Brand Micromancer Miniatures
Subcategory Busts
Function Collect
Series Fantasy
Material Resin
Scale 1/10 and more
Resin kit for assembling and painting
Description Reviews
  • Original scale model kit 1/10 by Micromancer Miniatures. Consist of 8 pieces. Material: resin. Packed in two cardboard boxes for extra protection.

    Plinth is not included but available at the shop. BUST REQUIRES PAINTING AND ASSEMBLY

    Bust represent plague space marine from Death Guard, one of chapters Chaos space marines (Warhammer 40000)

    Death Guard, once the XIV Legion of the twenty original Space Marine legions. Their primarch, Mortarion, was raised by a warlord on a planet filled with noxious fumes, before rebelling against his adoptive father and finding solace with the enslaved populace of the planet. Having been saved by the Emperor from the warlord and denying him his chance to kill him, Mortarion gained a legion who specialized in biological warfare. Having been disillusioned by the Emperor's goals and believing him nothing more than a drunken tyrant, he was brought into Horus's rebellion and joined Horus as one of the four original legions who betrayed the Emperor. Known for their incredible fortitude, the Death Guard fought across the most noxious and hazardous war zones unscathed. Having been tricked by Typhus, the First Captain, into the Warp and besieged by plagues from all sides, Mortarion swore devotion to the Chaos God Nurgle and the Death Guard became fully swollen with disease and death. Having achieved daemonhood later on in history, Mortarion retreated to the Plague Planet which he now spends his time creating new plagues for his master. The Death Guard is composed largely of Plague Marines, specialists in biological warfare and disease.

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