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Cleaner for brushes Severina, 300ml

Cleaner for brushes Severina, 300ml

Арт: S-085
€ 3.80
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Brand Severina
Function Painting
Size universal
Cleaner for brushes out off acrylic, gel and monomers Severina, 300ml
Description Reviews
  • Timely care and careful handling of tools not only extend their life, but also save the user’s money. One of the main consumables are brushes used in painting with acrylic paints. Due to the chemical properties of acrylic, it is very important to wash it off, without waiting for the final drying, otherwise the brush will quickly lose its working condition: the hairs are deformed, the shape of the tip is broken. All this affects the quality and accuracy of work with miniature objects. Severina Brush Cleaner can help protect brushes. A bottle of 300 ml is useful in case of large volumes of work, in situations where it will be necessary to pour part of the liquid into other containers. No acetone.

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