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J-SET 5500P Respiratory Protection Kit, Size M
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J-SET 5500P Respiratory Protection Kit, Size M

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J-SET 5500P Respiratory Protection Kit, Size M
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  • J-SET 5500P is a respiratory protection kit with a reusable protective half mask made of soft hypoallergenic material, which provides a high level of comfort and reliable protection. Half mask is used with JETA SAFETY filters: A1, AE1, ABEK1, P3.


    Features and Benefits:


    • Low weight;
    • Adjustment system (the half mask moves along the slings of the headband, which allows you to take it away from the face without removing other means of protection, for example, helmets);
    • Thermoplastic shutter;
    • Low breathing resistance;


    The set Includes:


    • JETA SAFETY 5500P industrial half mask - 1 pc.;
    • JETA SAFETY 6510 filters for protection against organic gases and vapors A1 - 2 pcs .;
    • JETA SAFETY 6020 prefilter for protection against dust and aerosols P2 - 4 pcs .;
    • JETA SAFETY 510i holder for prefilters - 2 pcs.
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