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Brush №2,5 series Regular

Brush №2,5 series Regular

Арт: T-005
€ 4.60
Brand MiniWarPaint
Bristles material Kolinsky
Size № 2,5
Shape of belly Round
Color of handle Black
Belly length (мм) 14мм
Belly size(mm) 2.5mm
High quality kolinsky brush №2,5 series Regular
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  • High quality kolinsky brush  №2,5 series "Regular"

    brush sizes






    liner diameter, mm

    0.8 1.2 1.5 2 2.5

    liner length , mm

    5.5 7 8.5 10.5


    The MiniWarPaint "Regular" series kolinsky brushes are specially designed for painting miniatures in watercolor techniques. The brushes have a large capacity liner and an unprecedentedly sharp tip.

    The ability of the liner to take up a lot of water, to expel it smoothly and evenly for a long time allows you to work longer, less often turning to the palette. The sharp tip in combination with the medium length of the liner allows you to work out the smallest details with perfect brush control.

    Brushes were developed and tested with the participation of miniature artists such as Aguryanov Alexey (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia), Bondarenko Eugene (Kiev,Ukraine), Gruba Roman (Smolensk, Russia), Kanaev Kirill (Moscow, Russia), Kochnev Fedor (Tver, Russia), Kurilenko Stanislav (Simferopol, Russia),Odrov Anton (Yaroslavl, Russia),Papkov Sergey (Moscow, Russia), Tarasov Roman (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia)

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