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Brush Roubloff kolinsky round shortened №1,5

Brush Roubloff kolinsky round shortened №1,5

Арт: ЖК1-01,50Ж
€ 1.90
Brand Roubloff
Bristles material Kolinsky
Size № 1,5
Shape of belly Round
Color of handle Wooden
Belly length (мм) 10мм
Belly size(mm) 1.5mm
Round kolinsky shortened brush Roubloff size 1.5, short wooden handle, Gold (anodized aluminum)
Description Reviews
  • A traditional round brush from pure kolinsky hair is for all-purpose work. Ergonomic short lacquer impregnated handle allows you to work on volume modeling with comfort and pleasure. Cone-shaped brush head is securely fixed with anodized aluminum ferrule. Can be used for broad strokes as well as for highlighting and painting foreground scene objects such as leaves, grass, waves

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