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Water lily or Nymphaeum is a genus of aquatic plants that includes about 70 species of which 7 are found in Russia. Well-known plant with large floating on the water, heart-oval or heart-shaped rounded leaves and large, as if floating on the water flowers. Distributed everywhere except deserts and highlands.

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The plant is distributed throughout Eurasia. It is found only on the plains. In Russia, it grows throughout the European part, in the Caucasus, in Siberia. It lives in rivers with slowly flowing water, along the shores of lakes, in backwaters. Usually at a depth of 0.5-1m.

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Our next novelty is cattail (also often incorrectly called “reeds”)

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We did not announce any new products for a long time, but this does not mean that we were playing the fool. And in the coming weeks you will find a wave of new products, some of which will be unique. And we will reveal the topic of coastal water and coastal flora.

And our first novelty is reed.

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In this not easy days we know as you need help and service. We don't stop working for you. Stay in safety at home, assemble and paint all models you put aside for later, we'll send all tools and materials to you by post.

We continue creating new photoetched plates, new brushes and tools for you. We still accept and ship orders to you worlwide. We will be working while our logistic parnters are working: EMS and Russian Post.

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Three sizes of Monstera are added to materials for bases and dioramas: S, M and L

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In the category of materials were added wooden bases for installing miniatures on them: round and square, black and tinted to walnut, as well bases for busts from the famous Russian manufacturer "Derevomodelchik". Also in the tools appeared wooden holders for painting miniatures.

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To catalog added cleaners for brushes out off acrylic, gel and monomers by Severina and cup for cleaning and drying brushes by Irisk Professional

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New items in categiry Stuff: resin trunks and photoetched leaves

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Movie heroes, fantasy and sci-fi heroes from Micromancer Miniatures. HouseMD and Vortigen from "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword", Warrior of Chaos from Warhammer and the Plague space Marine. All of them are now available in our store in the Busts category.

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